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What is Toll Distilling?

What is The Process of Toll Distilling?

  • Toll Distilling is a customized branded gin.

  • We make the gin

  • You brand the gin

  • you market the gin

  • Minimum order is 10 cases which consist of 60 bottles total.

Where do you start?

  1. Get a liquor License or liquor distribution license.

  2. choose your bottle size: 500ml or 750ml.

  3. Choose pink or/&  clear gin.

  4. Make your own customized branded label.

Need A license?

Need a Label Designed?

Compliance of your own label :

The label must legally display the information below

  1. The Old Packhouse Distillery

  2.  A1704

  3.  43%Vol.

  4. 750ml  or  500ml

  5. Alcohol  is  addictive

  6. Produced & Bottled in Tzaneen South Africa


  8. Barcode (email

  9. Logo of manufacturing warehouse

Label Guideline:

  • Come up with a name for your gin

  • Get some photo's and ideas together

  • Create your brand for the gin

  • Create a description of your gin. Maximum word count is 90 words.

  • Email a high Resolution png. file of your label to for approval.

Get a Quote

Take your time and carefully follow the steps in this form.

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