Our Rare Wild Dog Gin is an award- winning limited addition gin, handcrafted with subtle flavours. Triple distilled with african and traditional botanicals this smooth and rounded gin iss created for you, with the intention  of celebrating your African experience.


43% Alcohol

Produced and bottled in Tzaneen South Africa.

In support of the Wildlife Endangered Trust.

Rare Wild Dog 500ml Gin Case

  • The African Wild Dog is a rare gin that features a rare species. The African Wild Dog is recognised by its beautiful painted coat and is also known as the painted dogs. Every Dog's coat has a unique pattern making it easy to identify individuals. Wild Dogs are nomadic and sighting these fascinating animals is a rare experience.

    Our Rare Wild Dog gin promises a fascinating and rare experience.

    The EWT (Endangered Wildlife Trust) has been involved in conservation of endangered species for over 45 years and is comitted to nature conservation by adopting a 21st century conservation model of balancing the needs of wildlife and people. The African Wild Dog population across Africa is approximately 6,600 and they are listed as endangered.

    In partnership with various parks and government the EWT has successfully reintroduced these beautiful animalls into the wild.