Our Crystal Gin is triple distilled. In our fourth distillation we use the vapor infusion technique through the botanicals, which marries the subtle flavours into the pure spirit. This multiple distillation insures a perfectly smooth gin. None of the botanicals are predominant, thus the taste is that of pure gin.


Crystal Gin 6 x 750ml

  • Only the finest selected ingredients are used in our small batch hand crafted gin. The multiple distilling process and mountain water gives our gin its smooth and sublte flavour.

    Awards Include:

    Gold in the 2017 Michealangelo International Wine and Spirits Wards

    Gold in the 2018 SA Woman's Wine & Spirits Awards

    Gold in the 2019 SA Craft Gin Awards


    Juniper / Coriander / Caraway / Iris Germanica Angelica / Fennel

    Recommended Garnishes

    Slice of cucumber with a crack of ground black pepper or an Orange slice with a sprig of rosemary. Lemon or a slice of fennel.