This is our flagship gin. Four times distilled for smoothness and purity. We use 100 grams of locally produced blueberries for each bottle of gin. Often referred to as our pink lady, the colour and taste of this gin is nothing short of spectacular.

Blueberry Gin 6 x 750ml

  • We use traditional botanicals and infuse with  fresh blueberries which adds a sublte dimension to our gin. The colour of this gin is produced by anthocyanins found in blueberry which are renowned for their health benefits. The unique colour may vary from batch to batch as the annthocyanins fade when exposed to light. Enjoy this gin on the rocks or with tonic or your favorite mixes.


    Blueberry / Juniper /  Caraway / Coriander / Iris Germanica / Angelica / Fennel

    Recommended Garnishes

    Add a few blueberries or raspberries / slice of lime