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A small batch handcrafted gin distillery aimed at producing exemplary gin. We craft award winning gin from all natural and locally produced ingredients, to bring you a taste of nature's best with every sip. Our gin is a clear, distilled spirit with a dominant traditional and African botanical  flavors of juniper, flowers, and locally sourced fruits.

Notes from Our Distiller

Blueberry Gin | The Old Packhouse Distil

Blueberry Gin

Fruity & Flavorful

This is our flagship gin. Four times distilled for smoothness and purity. We use 100 grams of locally produced blueberries for each bottle of gin. Often referred to as our Pink Lady, the colour and taste of this gin is produced by anthocyanins found in the blueberry, which are renowned for their health benefits. Enjoy this handcrafted gin on the rocks or with tonic and your favorite garnishes.


Blueberry / Juniper / Caraway / Coriander / Iris Germanica / Angelica / Fennel 


Recommended Garnishes

Add a few blueberries or raspberries 

Slice of Lime


Crystal Gin | The Old Packhouse Distille

Crystal Gin

Classic London Dry

Our Crystal Gin is triple distilled. In the fourth distillation we use the vapor infusion technique through the botanicals which marries the subtle subtle flavours into the pure spirit. This multiple distillation ensures a perfectly smooth gin. None of the botanicals are predominant, thus the taste is that of a pure gin. 



Juniper / Coriander / Caraway / Iris Germanica Angelica / Fennel 


Recommended Garnishes

Slice of cucumber with a crack of black pepper 

Orange slice with a sprig of rosemary 

Lemon or a slice of fennel. 

Valencia Gin | The Old Packhouse Distill

Valencia Gin

Zesty Citrus

A citrus infused gin with a light orange note. Tangy and refreshing, this gin has its origins in the lowveld of Limpopo. The Valencia oranges add flavour to this popular gin. Four times distilled for smoothness and purity. This gin is a tribute to the citrus farming community and exemplifies the quality and spirit of the country living in Limpopo. 


Valencia oranges /  Orris Root / Angelica Root / Juniper / Coriander / Caraway / Fennel 


Recommended Garnishes

A slice of fresh orange

Lemon or lime 


Gooseberries or a sprig of rosemary. 

Blueberry | Gin | handcrafted
Crystal Gin | The Old Packhouse Distille
Valencia Gin | Citrus Gin | The Old Pack
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