This Rare Gin is a handcrafted small batch gin featuring the Rhino rare species.

A smooth rounded gin distilled with african and traditional botanicals, created for you, with the intention of celebrating your African experience.


The Old Packhouse Distillery is an award- winning distillery of selected gins.

This gin consists of 43 % Vol. and is 500ml per bottle.

One case consists of 6 bottles.


By purchasing this gin all funds raised will go to the care and protection of Rhinosand other endangered species. Learn more at

The Golden Rhino Rare Gin 500ml case

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  • The Golden Rhino Rare Gin was created in support with the Shared Univerese Foundation and Mapesu Private Game Reserve.

    The foundation is a non-profit group dedicated to ensuring that the wildlife in south Africa live and thrive in their natural habitat so that future generations can enjoy  their presence. Our emphasis is on biodiversity, education and research, and on the reintroduction and protection of endangered species, as well as establishing conservation awareness amog the people of South Africa and Beyond.

    Mapesu is dedicated to rewilding and protecting the wonders of nature.

    Find out more about the Mapesu Private Game Reserve at: